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cocktails for your wedding day

Make your wedding extra special with handcrafted cocktails tailored to your wedding theme.
Dazzle your guests with a rustic pop up bar, trendy gin bar or fun cocktail happy hour, with delicious drinks they have never tasted before.

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all inclusive packages with a 100% stress-free guarantee

We take responsibility for the hire and delivery of all necessary items including the bar units, cocktail equipment, glassware varieties, stock & staff. This means you can focus your energy on other areas of the wedding. Moreover, setup and clear up is free so you have nothing to do on the big day but enjoy the moment. 

bespoke drinks designed to complement your wedding

Our focus is about making amazing drinks that you don’t expect, without compromise. This might mean our drinks take longer to make or we cost a touch more than the larger companies; but we only serve high quality products by using the best tools and ingredients. We are setting the bar higher in our local area.

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direct communication with us by phone, email or social

Our communication is quick and effective because we don’t want endless emails taking up your valuable time, especially when there are so many other important details to organise. We are honest about the products we can provide and only ever one phone call away if you have further questions.

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